We are, as One Body Following Jesus, committed to whole life Christian Growth. Prioritizing our relationship with

God and others.

    Children’s church is held during our main morning service. Children will be dismissed after Worship singing & announcements. Classes are grouped loosely  by age/grade. However if your child wishes to join in a class with an older/younger sibling or friend, they will be welcomed into that group, until they feel comfortable & get to know those of their own age.
Classes generally meet together as a small group for discussion & prayer time, then come together in the main area for a large group story time. Then it’s back to small groups for discussion, & activities.
   We are currently implementing a check out system, after service please make your way downstairs & check out your child so that they can safely return to your care. This enables our teachers have the opportunity to come upstairs & fellowship with others.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Pastor Chris Anthony at the office.