August 2020

Choosing To Be Pure In Life

July 2020

Choosing to be Healed


Choosing the Right Focus in Life

Choosing to be Open to Change

June 2020

Choosing to Walk the Right Path

Choosing to be Satisfied

Lessons From a Shepherd -Choosing to Follow the Right Mentor

July 2020

The Discipled Direction

June 2020

Parable Series: Good Samaritan

May 2020

Dealing with Discouragement 3

Dealing with Discouragements 2

April 2020

Dealing with Discouragements

He is Alive

Pollution of the Heart

March 2020

The Power of Love

Trusting God in Times of Crisis


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May 2020

Mother’s Day Message

January 2020

Philippians 2:5-11

December 2019

Jonah -Craig Polk

On our Watch

November 2019

Full Amor of God

October 2019

Love Leads to Action

Blessed to be a Blessing -Dan Ibsen

September 2019

The Multidimensional Love of God

July 2019

VBS Sunday / Pastor Ralph’s Farewell

Caitlin Cobb -missions

June 2019

Laurel Taylor & Ruthie Siemens -Missions

May 2019

Metamorphoses -Guest speaker Craig Polk

March 2020

Finding Forgiveness

Forgiving Yourself

Forgiveness: A difficult Choice



February 2020

Shaped for God’s Service

Becoming God’s Creation

January 2020

Adopting God’s People

Embracing God’s Pleasure

Your Purpose in 2020

October 2019

Finding that Safe Place

September 2019

How to Find the Promised Land

God Where are You?

How to Maneuver a Difficult Road

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August 2019

Collossians 3- Melissa Anthony

Colossians 2

Jon Krammer -Colossians 1

July 2019

Beatitudes -Blessed are the… Matthew 5 :7-9


June 2019

Beatitudes – Blessed are the gentle

Beatitudes -Blessed are those who mourn


April 2018

Second Coming: The Dark Side Of Church: Matthew 24:45-51

September 2017

Why do we exist? The purpose of the church and the gospel.

August 2017

Joshua 14: Seniors Rule

January 2015


November 2014

Act 12: 18-24