Where Can I   Serve?

Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations. As God’s people we are always looking for ways to do this. Obviously we can’t do this without having a connection to those who need to hear about Jesus so we call you to make friends with people who need Jesus, not make friends as a gospel project, but truly make friends. It is these friendships that open the door to making disciples. Get involved in community activities, sports activities, serving, anything that Jesus would be pleased with you doing in our community.

   Some of you have been gifted by God as teachers and you love children with a godly love and we would love to have you join in our Sunday School ministry, Summer Camps, VBS, Soccer ministry or nursery. All of our children’s workers need to be “Plan To Protect” approved, which takes a number of weeks, so get started today so that you can serve with us.

Other ministry areas where you can serve are with our youth or adult programs. Again anytime that you will work with those who are 18 years old or under, or who are disabled, you will be required to be Plan To Protect approved. The opportunities are many, so come and find your place to be a disciple maker.